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Bad Blade Extreme

BAD BLADE EXTREME™ – a new generation in diamond blades! 2 blades in 1! Exclusive dual segmented tooth layout which allows both hard and soft material to be cut with the same blade!

WC Bad Blade

BAD BLADE CARVER™ – wood carving blade specially designed for angle grinders. Cut and carve all types of woods. Great for
beam notching, log home builders, artists.

ST Bad Blades

BAD BLADE SUPERTHIN™ – a sheet metal blade with super thin kerf designed for angle grinders. A specialty blade that leaves the most material intact. Construction, automotive, industrial, commercial use.

C5 Bad Blade

C5 BAD BLADES™ – a patented wood and hardy board® cutting blade specifically designed for use in angle grinders and saws. Provides a crisp, clean cut every time! Cuts all woods, laminates and composites.

C7 Bad Blade

C7 BAD BLADE™ UNIVERSAL CUTOFF/RIP BLADE Cuts Wood, Wood w/nails, Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Plastics, Laminates and more!



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